How to use JMGO Projector without remote?


The JMGO projector is a smart projection device, so it needs to be equipped with remote control for control. But what if you don't have a remote control? Here are two ways for you to use the JMGO projector without a remote control.

Method1: Use Your JMGO Projector with Keyboard and Mouse​

1. Connect the keyboard and mouse to the USB interface of the Nut Projector;
2. Use the mouse or the direction keys of the keyboard to control the Nut Projector;
3. The mouse can move the cursor directly, the left button can confirm, and the right button can return. The arrow keys of the keyboard can control the movement of the cursor, the enter key is for confirmation, and the ESC key is for return.

Use Your JMGO Projector with Keyboard and Mouse.jpg

Method2: Use Your JMGO Projector with JMGO APP​

1. Download the JMGO APP in the Google store of your phone;
2. Connect the Nut Projector and mobile phone to the same wireless network;
3. Open the JMGO APP on your phone, search for the JMGO projector and complete the connection;
4. Find the remote control in the Nut APP and click to open;
5. Control the JMGO projector through the remote control interface of the JMGO APP.