How to watch live channels on Xiaomi ES TV?


How to watch live channels on Xiaomi ES TV? Here are the guides.

Method 1: Connect the set-top box​

90% of users use this solution, with an external radio and television set-top box (IPTV). Generally, the broadband operator will send an IPTV set-top box, which can be watched live or on-demand. You just need to use HDMI cable or other cables to connect to the TV, and then select the corresponding signal source on the TV to use it normally. Such a set-top box has relatively good playback effect, and has HD high-definition TV broadcast (720p).
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Method 2: Install the Live Streaming App​

Smart TVs and smart network set-top boxes are generally Android systems, which can install third-party software. If you want to watch live broadcasts, you can install live broadcast software, such as hdp live broadcast, Migu live broadcast, etc. You can download the live streaming app by clicking here Free TV APP.

Method 3: Cast your phone to Xiaomi TV​

Some users cannot install the live app for some reasons, then you can use the screen casting function of the smart TV. Install the TV station live broadcast software on the mobile phone, and then cast the screen to the Xiaomi TV.
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Generally, people will connect a set-top box to watch live TV. Although this will cost some money, it is more stable.