Howto hack my Toshiba TV 42VL863?


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Hi guys,

my toshiba TV now works again after a fuse and cap blow in the power part of the TV.
I managed to repair that.

But it is an older model, so it has some drawbacks I would like to get to work around.
It would be a pity to throw it in the bin.

1. Youtube does no longer work due to too old certificates.
It there a way to update these?

2. After running NMAP on the TV's IP address, there was an open UPnP on port 20000.
I would like to fix that too.

3. I would like to connect / log in to the TV / gain root access to the installed linux distro.
Is there a way to establish that and what steps do I have to do to do so?

I have access to the TV's service manual, but have found nothing in there to log into the TV.

I have the original remote.

Any ideas?


1. For the issue with YouTube not working due to old certificates, you can try updating the firmware of your Toshiba TV. You can usually find the firmware update on the manufacturer's website. If there is no firmware update available, you can try accessing YouTube through a different device, such as a streaming box or a gaming console.

2. The open UPnP port on your Toshiba TV could potentially be a security risk. To fix this, you can try disabling UPnP in your router settings or disabling it directly on your TV. You can usually find the UPnP settings in the network settings menu of your TV.

3. Gaining root access to your Toshiba TV can be a complicated process and is not recommended for the average user. It can potentially void your warranty and cause permanent damage to your TV. If you still want to proceed, you can search for tutorials and guides on how to root your specific model of Toshiba TV. However, we recommend seeking professional help or consulting with Toshiba customer support before attempting to root your TV.


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Thank you for your fast response.

1. I do have a bluray player with access to youtube, but my aim is to get youtube working again on the TV. There is no firmware or software update available on the website for my model.

Just for plain interest, I would be interested in older firmware versions, If someone still has the files anywhere, for analyzing purposes.

2. There is no UPnP setting on the TV networking section, that I could change.

3. The warranty is already void. I had to repair the TV power supply and to do so I had to open up the TV.
I would like to gain root access to the TV as a learning purpose.
Of course I will see if customer support from toshiba is able to solve the problem first.

But I do reccon with the standard argument from toshiba: buy a new TV, which is not an option for me.