Huawei Sound X platinum edition goes on sale!


With the development of The Times and the progress of science and technology, the living standard has been improved. All kinds of smart devices in the family have also begun to appear, such as smart curtains, smart dishwashers, smart sweeper and so on. These devices have brought a lot of convenience to life. And the intelligent speaker product, as the intelligent household entrance device in the family, in addition to the control of the intelligent home, can also bring the enjoyment of the spirit, but a sound quality is excellent, the appearance of the level of online intelligent speaker product is not seen at present.

Huawei has been pushing into smart speakers in recent years, and last year's huawei Sound X star night was a great experience for users. To meet the fashion needs of more young users, the huawei Sound X platinum edition also went on sale on April 26.

When choosing intelligent speaker, need to consider whether to have outstanding sound quality and intelligent function not only, appearance level also needs to consider, after all intelligent speaker equipment is put in the home, if appearance level is not enough also can affect the aesthetic feeling of the home. The huawei Sound X platinum edition looks very eye-catching, and the overall design is cylindrical to look very round and soft, with the main white color body design, elegant champagne gold color matching, coupled with symmetrical aesthetic design, the overall look is very stylish.

Huawei Sound X platinum edition goes on sale!

If you look closely, the top half of the huawei Sound X platinum edition has a ceramic white finish, which is polished and polished to give it an advanced look. The lower part is grey mesh surface, and the white of the upper part complement each other, compared with the solid color to appear more atmospheric elegance.

Interestingly, the huawei Sound X platinum edition has a hollowed-out middle section and a built-in champagne gold horn, which is anodized to give it a brisk, flowing record texture. The combination of champagne gold and porcelain white, classic do not break vogue again, no matter be digital product or tide sheet is tasted, these two colorific collocation rise can look very good-looking.

In addition to its delicate appearance, the huawei Sound X platinum edition features excellent Sound quality, with two 3.5-inch woofers capable of delivering 60W transmission power and 20mm amplitudes, and a highly magnetic ndfeb rare earth loudspeaker for greater power. When the huawei Sound X platinum version of the music plays, the entire room can feel the power of the woofer.

The huawei Sound X platinum edition also got a new feature upgrade. When listening to music, music can also be played in space. The EMUI10.1 multi-device control center can put the local audio of the phone into the speaker to play. DLNA music lossless playback function, open music App DLNA function, through WiFi network, higher bandwidth and higher bit rate of high-quality music into the speaker.

In addition, you can share your favorite music at any time. Open the App of the AI speaker and choose your favorite songs or lyrics. You can automatically generate a card and share it with your circle of friends. In addition, it also has new functions such as automatic syncing of playlists and intelligent calling in the whole scene, so as to bring users a more intelligent use experience.