Huawei Sound X Review


Huawei new Sound smart speakers not only has the emperor tile X ray brand high quality standard, and have experience of huawei's own HiLink smart ecological deposits, with excellent quality and perfect smart interactive experience, and the first in the world to support the double bass Hi Res smart Sound box, for the majority of users provide a Sound and smart experience the perfect combination of new options.

When it comes to smart speakers, we will not be unfamiliar, it mainly is to upgrade the function of the speaker, on the basis of to make a sound, will also speakers as smart home control center, are connected to the Internet via voice interaction to achieve various functions, either on demand songs, listening to the news, online shopping, or on TV, air conditioning, water heaters and other smart household equipment to control, can through the voice interaction.


When I got huawei Sound X for the first time, I thought it was really big and different from most similar products on the market, huawei Sound X is not compact appearance, from packaging will be able to see this amp component, weight 7.7 pounds of bare-metal obviously is not suitable for move, more suitable for fixed position in the home use.

Opening the package and taking out the speakers, you can see that the entire body of the huawei Sound X has a black appearance, which is officially called starry night. Its design is inspired by the dome of the golden hall of Vienna music, which is profound and full of energy. When you listen to music, you feel like you are in a concert hall.

Huawei Sound X

The coating adopts special insulation structure, which will not attenuate any high-frequency signals, and can effectively ensure the good transmission and reception of communication signals in the box, creating perfect sound quality. The box profile also challenges the industry limits of drawing Angle, curvature continuous

Design, let the edges appear warm and full.

The top of huawei Sound X is equipped with 12 RGB tricolour lamps, which are designed to mix light with professional light guiding structure, so that the granularity of light effect looks more exquisite and brings comfortable visual experience for user interaction. Unlike Homepod's central lighting, Sound X's gradients emit light from the inside out, more like a brilliant arctic light flashing across the night sky.


In different states, such as voice awakening, stereo combination and pairing, one-touch music transmission, and sound field perception, the light effect on the top of the speaker will show a unique rotation shape with different sound control modes.

The huawei Sound X has a touch-sensitive button on the top that doesn't light up when the button isn't in use. When a finger is held near the button area, the light will automatically charge, indicating the location of the button. The actual experience, touch control is very sensitive, quick response.

Huawei Sound X

Huawei Sound X has a touch transmission function. When the phone is playing music, just touch the speaker with the phone, and the content can be put into the speaker through bluetooth to experience a more perfect Sound effect. If there is a sudden call in the process of putting again, the speaker will automatically pause, the user can directly use the mobile phone to answer, the speaker will resume playing after the phone is hung up. If you want to directly use the speaker to make a call, just touch the speaker with the phone, or choose to use the speaker on the phone, you can also click the speaker function key, can be converted to the speaker call.

In case of mute, you can turn on mute mode by covering the top of the speaker with your hand. When you need to restore, you can touch the touch area again and the music can continue to play. One touch transmission function requires the NFC and bluetooth functions of the phone to be turned on. Huawei phones upgraded to systems above EMUI10.0 support one touch transmission of off screen, lock screen and bright screen, while huawei phones and other phones with systems below EMUI10.0 support one touch transmission of bright screen unlocking and one touch transmission.

Sound Quality

On either side of the speaker, there are two oval openings, which are the two 60W bass units of the speaker. Most smart speakers limit the volume of their speakers in order to achieve a sophisticated design. The size of the bass unit directly determines the bass sound. Sound X, on the other hand, has installed two 3.5-inch bass units with 60 watts of power in a limited space, enough for the entire house to hear the music. Homepod, by contrast, comes with a 30W, 4-inch bass unit.

Huawei technology and devare technology jointly create the bass to shock and deep, the middle is warm and clear, the treble is bright and transparent, to achieve Sound quality to enjoy the Sound experience of Sound X. With 60W double subwoofer engine and tivare's SAM bass enhancement technology, combined with push-push vibration balance, the music playing experience is more real. In addition, it has obtained the hi-res lossless sound source certification and the sud and AIIA certifications.

Smart Control

Huawei Sound X supports huawei HiLink smart home control, covering air conditioning, lighting, curtains, air purifiers, fans, sockets, water heaters, drying racks, air sensors, security, humidifiers, sweeping robots and more. At present, huawei HiLink has realized cloud interconnection with leading global household appliance brands such as midea, haier, gree, TCL, changhong, skyway, kangjia, Bosch Siemens, etc., which can connect a variety of household appliances. A small art, can easily control all kinds of home appliances.


Huawei Sound X is a smart speaker with professional Sound quality. In addition to smart voice interaction function, the double bass hi-res system jointly built with professional audio brand devare makes it have more professional Sound quality. Not only solid hardware materials, rich audio resources, simple humanized control, extensive support for HiLink eco-chain appliances, and accurate and smart voice recognition capabilities all enable huawei Sound X to take a place in the competitive smart speaker market.