if the extra £300 for the samsung Q85R was worth it?


samsung Q85R 4K QLED TV
The Samsung QE55Q85R sits just under the Q90R flagship for 2019 with all the same features available, but fewer dimming zones and a slightly different design to the stand and bezel. Just how different is the performance and value for money when compared with its big brother?
Got this TV a month ago. Bought it because it came with a free q70r soundbar. Did not want to go for the 90r, the 90r was 800 Eur more.

Upgraded from sony x900e. Nothing mindblowing but the local dimming manages to keep the black bars inky black even at an angle, something my old sony was not able to do.

The limited selection of settings is a bummer. I really miss smooth gradation that the Sony had.

And I can see banding on large patches of colours in game mode. The banding dissapears once I switch to a different picture preset mode but that increases input lag.

I could continue blabing.. So to sum up, I really, really like the soundbar. The TV is ok.