I'm choosing a new TV, any suggestions?


Looking to replace my old 55" Samsung UNC55C700 TV.
Looking for a 65" and price 1K to 2K

But my old one is only 1" total depth without the stand and looks great wall mounted. Do they still make TV's this thin?

Appreciate any suggestions


there are generally a number of things to consider.
some of the main ones are:
is your room very bright or average to dark?
will you be using the tv with a game console / as a pc monitor?
will you be viewing mainly head on or from fairly wide angles?
what type of content will you watch and where from, i.e. regular broadcast tv, streamed services like Netflix, cable tv, set top box, dvds, blu rays etc.?

and as a matter of interest can you say why you would like to stick with Samsung as of course that will narrow down your options in terms of models and tech.

tvs are generally pretty thin and look good on stands and wall mounted.

at least with your budget there should be some great options.


Would say room is average lighting
Just using as a TV
Viewing 75% straight on and other times 45%
Use comcast cable signal and sometimes Amazon Video.
Open to any brand if makes a difference

Very happy with current 10 year old samsung.
This one is only one 1" and makes it look great on a wall. Seems most other are over twice as thick.
With my wall mounting bracket the TV only sticks out from the wall 1 7/8"
Seems hard to find a list of the thinner TV's which is one of the most important to me. They all seem to have gotten thicker compared to my old model.