Insignia Fire TV Remote Update Stuck


Here are two ways to update your Insignia Fire TV, using the TV settings or using a USB drive. If your Insignia Fire TV remote update is stuck, turn off the TV and try the following methods to update your Insignia TV.

How do I update my Insignia Fire TV using the USB drive?

(1). Check the Insignia Smart TV model on the side or back of the TV.

(2). Connect the USB Pendrive to the PC and change the format to FAT32.

(3). Download the new firmware from the Insignia support page.

(4). Copy the files to the USB drive and connect it to the TV USB port.

(5). Open Insignia TV and select Yes to update Insignia Fire TV.

If my Insignia Fire TV remote update is stuck, how do I update my Insignia Fire TV?

(1). Start Insignia Fire TV and set up an Internet connection.

update insingia fire tv.jpg

(2). Select the Settings icon, then select the My Fire TV option.

insignia fire tv check for update.jpg

(3). Click About in My Fire TV and select Check for Updates.

insignia fire tv install update.jpg

(4). After updates, select Install Updates to download the new system version.

Insignia Fire TV user may encounter the problem of Insignia Fire TV remote update stuck. If this method doesn't work, reset the Insignia Fire TV and try it again.
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