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Is apple iOS 15 worth upgrading?


Leaving aside new features, in terms of the most practical endurance performance, iOS 15 is worth trying.

The foreign Up master UltimateDeviceVideos respectively found six iPhone 6s/7/8/XR/11/12 devices, first tested the battery life under iOS 14.8, and then upgraded to iOS 15 and tested again.

It is reported that the battery of the machine selected for the test is extremely healthy, and functions such as automatic brightness are also turned off during the test to minimize interference factors.

The method is 1 hour of online video, 1 hour of social interaction, 1 hour of Minecraft, 1 hour of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, etc., until the phone is exhausted, and then record the time.

The final result found that the follow-up flight time from iPhone 12 to iOS 15 increased by 30 minutes (8 hours and 40 minutes), but the other models remained basically unchanged.

At least in terms of battery life, friends who are worried about iOS 15 can breathe a sigh of relief. Considering that iOS 15 has many new features and better security and privacy protection at the same time, it is recommended that you upgrade.

In addition, some iOS 15 users reported increasing power consumption (30% power loss in 1 hour). Spotify may be the most culprit. The company recommends restarting the device to reinstall the APP or disabling the background refresh of the application.