Is Curved TV good?


Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the development of curved TVs. They are thinking, what are the advantages and disadvantages of curved TVs compared to flat-screen TVs? When should I buy a curved TV?

What's good in Curved TV?​

1. In the case of large-scale, close-up viewing (55 inches 1.5 meters, 65 inches 2 meters, 75 inches 2.5 meters, etc.), the curved TV will bring people a sense of immersion and envelopment.

2. Curved TVs will scatter screen reflections. Attention is dispersion, not reduction. The reflective brightness on the curved surface will be slightly lower, but the relative reflective area will be larger.

3. The curved TV is more novel.
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What are Disadvantages of Curved TV?​

1. The screen is deformed. If you are a little further away from the TV, or slightly off, the edges of the picture will be distorted.

2. Hanging on the wall does not look good. Most people hope that the TV can fit the wall as closely as possible, but the sides of the curved TV will be tilted up, and the wall hanging effect is not as good as the flat surface.

3. More expensive price. Even if everything else is the same, curved surfaces are more expensive than flat surfaces. The cost of the curved surface is indeed higher than that of a flat surface, but it is more of a premium brought by the curved surface.
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