Is Epson CB1785W Projector good?


Epson CB1785W is a business projector, but different from the general big business projectors, this projector is relatively thin and light, while still having high brightness. So is Epson CB1785W Projector good? Let's see the detail through multiple angles.

Epson CB1785W Projector

1. Brightness

Epson CB1785W uses a bulb light source and 3LCD display technology, so it has high brightness, the actual brightness reached 3200 lumens so that the device has a strong resistance to ambient light, in the daytime can still project a bright picture, ideal for business office use.

Is Epson CB1785W Projector good?

2. High resolution

Epson CB1785W resolution is WXGA (1280*800), and is slightly different from ordinary 720P in that this is a widescreen resolution, not only can clearly present official documents to the audience but also can be adapted to the resolution of the computer, so that the picture can be fully spread to achieve the best results.

Is Epson CB1785W Projector good?

3. Support side projection

Epson CB1785W with horizontal and vertical automatic keystone correction function, so that the device in different angles of the projection screen can be automatically screen correction so that the original side projection and tilt the picture becomes square, convenient for users to install the device.

Is Epson CB1785W Projector good?

4. Projection function

Epson CB1785W has a number of powerful features, such as support for automatic power on function, as long as access to the signal source can automatically power on and switch the corresponding signal source, to improve office efficiency. In addition, it also supports gesture control, through the gestures of the presenter to page up and down, so that the presentation becomes more arbitrary.

Is Epson CB1785W Projector good?


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The Epson CB1785W is a good projector with 3200 lumens
If the Epson CB1785W is not bright for daytime use, it is recommended that you use it with an ALR anti-light screen. Even with a little light, the color won't turn white.