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Is Formovie R1 Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Good?


The projection size of the Formovie R1 ultra-short throw laser projector is 50-200 inches, and it is placed 1 meter away from the wall, and the projected image width is about 3.3 meters, or 150 inches.

Compared with conventional telephoto projection products (projection ratio 1.2: 1), the picture of Foemovie R1 is more than 13 times larger.


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Formovie R1 ultra-short throw laser projector is equipped with the projection chip MediaTek MT9669, which provides a smoother visual experience.

The MT9669 chip has a built-in AI processor APU, which has high energy efficiency AI computing performance up to 1.0TOPS.

Formovie R1 is equipped with MediaTek AI image quality enhancement (AI-PQ) technology, which can automatically optimize screen saturation, brightness, and clarity.

In addition, MT9669 also supports MEMC motion compensation technology.