Is Future Man Season 3 based on a true story? It’s more than future


This is a highly condensed drama that combines sci-fi, funny, and satire. Futturman originated from Future Man, and it was because it saved the world through time and space in the early days, and thus obtained the name of Futturman. According to traditional translation, it should be called the future hero!The male's shape and height and body features have always reminded me of Harry Potter, and the recent movie Double Gun Potter is equally exciting.


The setting of sci-fi is to assume that a part of it is unlikely to happen, and then put on what will actually happen, thus forming a sci-fi world that looks like a fantasy. This drama is very good, the plot is full of twists and turns, unpredictable, very fresh, and will not worry about guessing the plot early. Even with some settings, no answer was given until the finale of the third quarter. For example, how will the future sewer world design the first season of video games?

Of course, these do not affect the development of the story. The characters of the three protagonists become more and more distinct as the story progresses, and the roles and tasks undertaken by each person are also allocated as needed. For example, wolf automatically becomes a historical leader no matter where it goes, tiger is the most powerful when and wherever, and Futturman is a typical powerless otaku and an ordinary person with rich emotions.


It ’s just that the plot in the time bubble actually took 2.5 episodes and talked about some mysterious and profound philosophical discussions, which violates the overall satire style. I think the writer is lazy in order to end the plot. Anyway, the story finally returns to the beginning of the story. ?

The final flower is very creative and maintains a consistent unique style. It is really a stroke of the eye, which makes people shine.

I didn't expect to spoof the reality show again this season
Mainly divided into three parts

1. A critical entertainment to death

The satire entertainment media and the participants who lost memory and self-entertainment (our three protagonists) finally woke up and escaped entertainment, but fell into another illusion

2. Utopian fantasy

There are many celebrities who died even Jesus himself. Josh is here to find a stable emotional connection. He has tried relationships with all celebrities, but found that he has not come together with anyone, and everyone has the same ending. Explain what? There is no love in your heart, it ’s the same with anyone, even if you are in love with Jesus.


Our Wolf has always been very sober and has been recording memories. Trying to use art to awaken everyone, but it is not understood, you will never wake up a group of people who pretend to sleep. What this place wants Wolf to look for in Utopia is a sense of presence. He likes the feeling of leadership, but in Utopia, no one wants to be led by him.