Is Insignia owned by Best Buy? What brand is Insignia?



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    4K UHD TV
Insignia, an exclusive brand of Best Buy, Insignia products feature a range of consumer electronics, including TVs, Blu-ray players, home theaters, audio products and other audio-visual solutions.
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With the strong strength in technology research and development has tended to be the industry leader, in addition to environmental protection, energy-saving also attaches great importance to. We insist on entering consumers' homes at a reasonable price. As a consumer electronics brand, INSIGNIA has gained the trust of consumers around the world, including North America, for its good value and innovative technology.


In September 2013, Shinya INSIGNIA launched 4K Ultra HD TV, equipped with 4K x 2K Ultra HD display; physical resolution up to 3840x2160, 4 times more pixel points than Full HD TV; redefine the viewing distance, with a large 50-inch screen, only half a meter viewing distance, the same clear overall picture quality can be felt; equipped with 4K Ultra HD full-time system, through 4K HDMI/USB, 2K to 4K correlation compensation technology, and cloud technology to achieve full compatibility, full losslessness, and full sharing of image content 4K Ultra HD TV. Realizes the full ultra-high-definition processing of the ultra-high-definition signal from input, decoding to display, ensuring attenuation-free 4K ultra-high-definition display.

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