Is Sifu Good? Sifu Game Review


Don't think that "Sifu" is easy. It is actually very difficult.

This February, Sifu has earned a place in the crowd of high-profile 3A games. This is due both to the lack of an action game on the market that breaks stereotypes and accurately portrays Chinese martial arts culture, and to the outstanding mechanics design and art style of "Sifu" itself.


Here's the Sifu review, let's see if it is a good game.

1. A difficult hardcore combat system that draws on the strengths of all schools

Since it's an action game, it's only natural to talk about the "action" itself.

The combat in "Sifu" gives me a very special feeling: it is between the familiar American action games and Japanese fighting games, but reveals the uniqueness of Chinese martial arts everywhere, like a delicious dish with a variety of flavors, and it also requires a threshold to get started.

sifu fight scene.jpg

Most of the skills in "Sifu" require key combinations to release, although not as complicated as "↓↘→↘↓↙←+LP" in "King of Fighters 14", but if you want to play a set of complex moves, it is common to press a dozen keys in one breath. However, "Sifu" does not require players to defeat their opponents through flashy combos, but rather emphasizes choosing the right moves at the right time to build up a combat advantage.

Sifu also designed a number of additional auxiliary combat systems, such as the environment can pick up weapons to obtain a new set of action modules (there are even weapons corresponding to the point school), you can press the defense button at the right time to achieve similar "bullet counter" effect, you can also use the focus accumulated in the battle to trigger the bullet time to perform some special moves to interfere with the enemy's actions.

sifu fight.jpg

To summarize, the combat system of "Sifu", as mentioned above, incorporates a considerable number of elements. This leads the player in the battle to consider a lot of things, but also to control the rhythm of the moves and the balance of attack and defense, the enemy's movements are not slow, leaving the player not much reaction time.

2. A fun platform for light Roguelike gameplay

If the combat system is the skeleton of "Sifu", then I will talk about its "flesh", that is, the game mechanics, art style and plot part outside the combat.

sifu plot.jpg

In fact, the plot of "Sifu" is very simple, the protagonist's senior apprentice is the heir of the White Eyebrow Fist, because of the fire and expelled from the master, and years later returned with a few killers killed the master and the young protagonist. The protagonist was revived because of the blessing of the pendant and grew up to practice boxing and prepare to take revenge on his senior.

Resurrection pendant is perhaps one of the most important components of "Sifu", and I'm sure you have heard about it from players who have been following this work for a long time. This pendant gives the protagonist a special ability to age in exchange for the opportunity to resurrect, the first fall on the old 1 year, the second fall on the old 2 years, and so on, until the age limit - this time, then fall once again is really Game Over.

sifu picture.jpg

In other words, the player must defeat the four killers and Brother in one go before Game Over to be considered successful. The system will record the player's minimum age at the time of passing the level corresponding to each Boss, and allows the player to challenge subsequent levels directly from this age, unlike the "Deathloop" where you have to start all over again if you lose. So sometimes after passing the level may wish to go back and challenge again to see if you can pass with lower age, leaving more margin for error for future levels.

Corresponding the senior and the four killers are five carefully designed maps - five completely different styles, and quite a bit of Hong Kong flavor.

3. Summary

sifu image.jpg

Sifu is an excellent work based on Chinese culture and FTG, absorbing the strengths of American action games, Japanese action games, Roguelike, modern culture and other hundred schools of thought.

It is really a good game.