Is Sony QD-OLED TV A95K good?


Now, Sony's QD-OLED TV A95K has started pre-sale in China, only available in 65-inch model, priced at 27,999 yuan. Is this TV good?


The painting series A95K adopts a 4K QD-OLED panel (a new type of OLED), which is optimized by the algorithm of the XR cognitive chip and the newly developed XR Tricky Charm MAX, showing bright and full colors. The XR OLED Contrast Booster Pro brings even higher contrast to the A95K, making tiny details visible.

The A95K is equipped with the flagship version of the screen sound field, with a larger and more powerful sound field driver, which accurately matches the sound and the picture, presenting a cinema-level audio-visual feast of "integration of sound and picture".

At the same time, the A95K is designed with a novel base bracket design, the front can be close to the wall, and the rear can display an immersive picture without visual interference on a full screen.

The TV is also equipped with a BRAVIA camera that supports video calling, AI fitness, gesture control and more.

In terms of configuration, this TV is equipped with a quad-core A76 processor, 4GB of memory, and 64GB of storage space.