Is Soundbar good? Pros and Cons



Soundbar refers to the integration of multiple channels of speaker functions in a box of long bar speakers

Its main features are:​

1. Each channel has a separate cavity to ensure good isolation and separation.

2. Unlike traditional audio, the soundbar is placed horizontally for use.

3. Mainly with flat-panel TVs, such as LCD TVs, plasma TVs and other uses.


1. Easy installation, simple connection and simple operation.

2. Designed in accordance with the size of the LCD TV, able to form an integrated visual effect with the flat-panel TV.

3. Simple wiring can eliminate the traditional home theater speaker connection complex and space arrangement tedious troubles.


The soundbar is, after all, relying on algorithms to simulate the realization of a variety of sound effects, and limited power. Sound effects are not as good as traditional multi-channel audio