Is The Banker (2020) a true story? George Nofei and Samuel L. Jackson did a great job


The Banker is based on the true story of Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris, two black men who endeavored to become bankers and landowners in the 1950s and 60s, at a time when racism made that nearly impossible thing for African American citizens to do.

The Banker (2020) movie info.
Director : George Nofei
Screenplay : Brad Kane / Niceole R. Levy / George Nofei / David Lewis Smith / Stan Younger
Starring : Samuel Jackson / Nicolas Holt / Anthony McKay / Jesse Usher / Colm Meaney / more ...
type: Drama
producer countries / regions: USA
language: English
release date: 2020-03-06 (US)
Running time: 120 minutes


If there are a few things that the United States will never get through, then the financial and ethnic systems must account for two places, especially race.

And this "Banker" is just like the discussion of ethnic movies that has sprung up in recent years. It is developing towards the path of American "model drama".

It may be too ridiculous to say "model drama", but it is undeniable that there are too many movies, and the audience must understand that Zhuyu is in the front, and later generations often fall into the same. Discussing racial issues and promoting equality have long been nothing new. At this time, the tricky audience is more concerned about the quality of the movie itself.

It can be said that "The Banker" has at least met the eligibility criteria.

Stable and stable. This is a sentence that haunts my head from the beginning to the end of the movie. How stable is this movie? Whether it is a black partnership to buy a bank, various crises encountered by the bank, or a "backwater" from a white partner, or finally a generous statement without surprise. There is absolutely no fluctuation in my heart.

This is actually a taboo in commercial dramas. Your biggest goal is to attract the audience, but it is difficult for the audience to spend a 120-minute period with little emotional ups and downs. I believe this is also the distance between this film and the so-called best film. "Green Paper" is still a human struggle and life accidents, "Banker" is obviously a little bit meaningless.

Of course, stability is still good. One conclusion I got from watching the movie: as long as you do n’t fall apart or make trouble, a movie is already stronger than most of the movies. It is also thanks to the director's extremely strong control, as well as the solid script, the plot is not weak, the solid, and the actor's hard work, this smooth and stable boat at least finally docked safely.

There are still highlights, and the film is slightly involved in detail. For example, the symbol of uniform and hat, and its connection with racial system. I was also impressed with the portrayal of the difference between rich and poor, black and white. In addition to "carrying private goods", the question of women's rights was raised, and the discussion of the concept of "fighting for the" silent majority "" enriched the connotation of the film.

Unfortunately, most of these details and discussions remain on the surface. The film is like a piece of jade. People can see its beauty, but it is really not polished.

Generally speaking, the workmanship is neat, smooth and stable, and the entertainment is very good. The Green Paper is a bit far away.

The last part of the court monologue made me feel boring or even boring (just to say, this is not the problem of this film, just because this expression is really bad), but when I realized that this was a real event, my heart Admiration is still happening spontaneously, and the truth of life may be more tragic than artistic carving.

Even in the 1920s, when affirmative power and non-discrimination became the new political correctness, the American people still did not seem to circumvent the difficult problems left by their grandfathers one or two hundred years ago. Does excessive correctness imply separation from the bloodline? At the same time when the obvious barriers are removed, is a high wall of class built?

To be honest, I do n’t know, every family has a hard time.


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