Is the Picture Quality of TCL Q10G Pro TV Good?


The TCL Q10G Pro TV has a backlight partition level of up to 1344 and a peak brightness of XDR 2200nits.

TCL Q10G Pro TV.jpg

Q10G Pro makes a picture quality upgrade based on Q10G. Through the new generation of Mini LED backlight technology, TCL Q10G Pro achieves an exponential increase in the number of partitions and a 100% increase in the fineness of light control. As a result, the TV can reduce the halo, the picture is delicate and natural, and the brightness can be precisely adjusted, to show more levels of the wonderful picture.

At the same time, this product is equipped with TCL Quantum Dot Pro 2023 technology, using a new quaternary quantum crystal, with a more stable alloy structure to ensure that the quantum dot crystal has 100,000 hours of effective light.

At the same time, with the support of the TXR image quality enhancement engine, TCL Q10G Pro reaches a new level of arithmetic power and image quality tuning.