Is the radiation of the projector less than that of TV?

With the development of science and technology of projection instrument is more and more intelligent, and now many consumers for projector selection is not than ever, the former is concerned with the resolution, lumens , Function, picture quality and other factors, now more consumers are concerned about health, such as damage to the eyes, in fact, the radiation here is also damage to the eyes.

The subject of this editor's study is " projector radiation vs TV radiation: which is more harmful? " TVs and projectors are mainstream products for family viewing. If you can distinguish which is better for health, you can follow your needs. Buy the right product.

Most of the projectors are small in size, powerful, and large in screen, and they are very good in all aspects, such as parameters, lumens, memory, etc. The standard resolution 1080P is very common, so you can throw a 100-inch large screen casually , Some projectors with side projection function have low requirements on the venue and are rich in film sources, such as Dangbei projector F1. TVs are generally too large and inconvenient to carry, because small TV screens are also small and uncomfortable to watch, so they are generally too large, but the resolution and color are better than projectors, and the brightness of the TV is during the day It is stable at night, and the price of LCD TVs has doubled, and the projector can be bought for less than $600 .

Dangbei F1 Projector

1. The TV uses LED backlight technology for imaging, and the projector

uses reflection imaging. The current TV uses LED backlight technology. The image is directly imaged on the screen through the light source, that is, the light source is directed directly at the eye. The damage to the eye is still relatively large. of. The projector is refracted by the optical machine to form images such as walls and curtains in the eyes. This difference is the difference between the sun and the sun. If you say the sun is dazzling or the sun is dazzling, then the sun must be dazzling, and the TV The machine is equivalent to the sun, and the projector is equivalent to the sun. Then it is concluded that the TV set hurts the eyes even more.
Second, the flickering of the screen is the culprit of eye fatigue.

When watching TV in ordinary families, the flicker of the screen will be felt from time to time. In fact, this is not an illusion, but because the image refresh rate of the TV is low, what you see is the latest LCD TV. I ca n’t see the flickering basically. What I should pay attention to here is that the editor said that “there is basically no seeing”. There is also an indefinite period. When the TV flickers, the eyes automatically adjust according to the flickering, causing visual fatigue. The projector is the opposite, because the image inside the projector is only refracted in the eye after processing. From this point of view, the TV set hurts the eyes even more.

Third, the picture is unstable: the color or a certain aspect is more prominent
When using the projector, you will find that the projection screen is brighter, such as red, green, etc. Very uncomfortable, sometimes the projection screen will be out of focus, at this time it is strictly prohibited to automatically adjust, after a long time will lead to fatigue, and the TV will not have this phenomenon, because the difference between the light and dark of the TV It ’s not big, the colors are more balanced, but the projector is not. From this point of view, the projector hurts the eyes even more. This is just one aspect of radiation, which belongs to optical radiation, and in fact there is this electrical radiation.

to sum up

When using it, you must pay attention to a certain distance from the playback device. No matter how small the radiation is, it is also radiation. From the above content, the radiation of the projector and the damage to the eyes are much smaller than the TV. This time You know what to buy for a movie.

After reading the above content, this time I have an accurate answer to the "large projector radiation or TV radiation", and understand this truth, you can also have an answer on the purchase of a projector or TV, well, the content is here It's over. If a friend doesn't understand it, leave a message below and the editor will answer as soon as possible.