Is the TV color gamut value higher the better?


There are many color screens that we usually have access to, but their ability to display colors is not the same, and because of this, the prices of screens of the same size also vary greatly. comment


Take the above picture as an example, you can see that different color gamut standards are like nesting dolls, one nested one by one. The outermost "matryoshka" is the latest BT.2020 color gamut standard, which covers a wider range of colors than the previous standard.

In fact, for a long time in the past, the color gamut has always been the weakness of LCD technology. Later, with the development of technology, many methods to improve the color gamut of liquid crystals appeared, such as quantum dots, new fluorescent red powder, etc.

Color accuracy refers to the difference between the color displayed on the screen and the original color of the object in the real world. In other words, the higher the color accuracy, the better the display device can restore the color of the real world.


The value of the color standard is represented by ΔE, but the smaller the number, the higher the color standard. We can have an intuitive understanding of it through the following description:

△E ≤ 1.5, the color accuracy is excellent, it can be considered that there is no color deviation, and it belongs to the level of professional display equipment;

△E is between 1.5 and 3, which is very good, and it is difficult to feel the color cast with the naked eye;

△E is between 3 and 5, excellent and sufficient for daily use;

△E is between 5 and 8, normal;

△E exceeds 8, which is very poor. Ordinary people can see the color cast at a glance, which should be synonymous with junk.

For common liquid crystal display devices, there is not much advantage in terms of color accuracy. Therefore, in the past many years, the TV industry has not mentioned this concept very much, and it will not be marked until after technological progress in recent years.

In general, high color gamut and high color accuracy complement each other. If there is only a high color gamut, but the color accuracy is not good, it is not a good product. After all, the eternal goal of display technology is to perfectly reproduce the colors in the real world.