Is there a movie that makes you cry in the middle of the night?


"Whiplash (2014)"

Because of envy, because I have never been so ardently passionate, let alone love, very strong hatred, very desperate sorrow, very helpless frustration, I have none.
I like to play football, I like to play the guitar, but the ball plays well and the guitar is not good,
but when someone asks "what do you like", I will still tell him, "I like to play football and I like to play guitar Yes, I still like life very much. "
I admire those who have fierce feelings, I once wanted to be such a person.

In the second year of high school, I liked the girl I loved going abroad. At noon, I took a lunch break in the dormitory. Before class, I secretly turned over my phone from my school pants and saw a text message. I ca n’t remember the content. I'm leaving, but I'm sorry to say goodbye.
I was dizzy in my head, then my nose was sore, I thought I was about to cry, and suddenly there was a thunder outside , and it was going to rain and thunder.
I think, if I go out, go to the playground, run around, go crazy, cry, and cry. At that time , there was a flash of joy in my heart, I do n’t know why, I think this The rain is about to make me. As I rushed out of the classroom and walked down, I was making up for the days when I was slowly decadent, my hair growing slowly, my words slowly becoming less, and my thoughts about girls slowly increasing I felt very excited, maybe it was Secondary 2 or maybe it was pretending, but I think I will soon have a passionate relationship.
I ran downstairs, and it was already raining heavily outside.
I stopped under the eaves and prepared to rush out.
I squatted down and pulled a pair of trousers, and then put the hat of the school uniform coat on my head, then I rolled up my sleeves again, and then I really wanted to go out, and then I hit There was a sneeze.
Ahhh-it was just seen by the head teacher who went upstairs, he yelled at me: "It's time for class, what are you doing here?"
Yeah, what am I doing? ?
So I went upstairs in disgrace.
At the same table, I asked me why I went. I said, the toilet squat.
That afternoon, the thunderstorm turned into a continuous heavy rainstorm. I finished Chinese, math, physics, and self-study in the classroom.
Occasionally, I occasionally watched the rain and stared out of the window. I also secretly read the magazine for 20 minutes in the Chinese class.
I asked myself, XXX left, went to the United States, immigrated, aren't you sad?
Then I answered myself again, yeah, it seemed quite sad, but it seemed, not so sad.
I have seen a lot of youth films and youth films,
the separation of them, the protagonist is always crying, is it so sad?
In the reunion inside, the heroine always has a resentful face in the past and present life, the heroine always has a human face with peach blossoms and red feelings, do you miss that?
In the ending, the male and female protagonists are always kissing (unless one party is dead), is there such love?
I do n’t think so.
I think if all the youth films happen to me,
it ’s like heavy rain that day. I shrunk my head, pulled my trousers, took a hat, sneezed, but suddenly it reacted. ?
No, no.
In fact, it is not the so-called "good-looking talents have youth", but talents with fierce feelings have youth.
But it seems weird. I do n’t have it. There are no people around me, and I have n’t seen many people. I have heard, heard, in novels, in movies.
Back to the movie "The Burst Drummer",
when I first watched it, I was a junior.
That afternoon, I went to the city to go to a big bookstore by bus alone. Because I didn't know what book I wanted to read, I could only go to the bookstore.
Coincidentally, when
I met high school again , I liked it very much, but I left the girl here in high school,
probably for about four years,
I have n’t seen her. I heard her and recognized her, she stood in front of me Standing on the same escalator, she was just saying, "Mom, I'll go home later."
I thought, the girl's voice was familiar.
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the various sensational behaviors in my youth, I just moved myself. Others may not understand your enthusiasm at that moment, but I just moved myself in the end.