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Is there any simple guide for new players of Dead Cells?

Which side-scrolling action game is the most fun on Nintendo Switch? That's really different, but I believe most players will definitely name Dead Cells, which is the 2D pixel wind dungeon type game. The non-linear process of Death Cells allows players to constantly unlock new levels during repeated deaths, explore the unknown corners of the castle, and face the tyrannical and brutal Boss. The game is slightly difficult but there is a simple guide.

Is there any simple guide for new players of Dead Cells?

Scrolls and items:

During the game of Dead Cells, different types of scrolls will appear. Pick up the scrolls to upgrade any of the three attributes. Cruelty (red), tactics (purple), survival (green). Among these three attributes, for close combat, long-range weapons and shields will be affected by one or two of them. The more points the player has in each attribute, the stronger the items held. It should be noted that for weapons affected by the two attributes, the weapon will only be corrected by the highest of the two attributes.

The three colors will change their abilities as the individual attributes continue to improve after each use of the scroll bonus. For example, every time you only choose the "Cruel" system, you will become a character with high offense and low defense, while always choosing the "Tactical" system will be in balance, while the "Survival" system is a blood bull but has very low damage. Therefore, players have to consider their own balance and the attributes of the item to decide how to use the scroll to improve the attributes of the item. There are currently 60 types of weapons and 31 types of skills in the game, totaling 91 types of items. Among them, 48 are brutal, 49 are tactics and 30 are survival (this value includes weapons with dual attribute effects).

Is there any simple guide for new players of Dead Cells?

Trophy and level:

As the game continues to unfold, you can know that in fact every map has a map level, which will affect the items you get in that map. The calculation formula of item level is to add the corresponding value to the map level, and the specific is:

0: Items dropped on the floor or dropped items, or items behind the pay gate
+1: Shop items or ordinary chests, cursed chests (accompanied by a gem and an upgrade scroll)
+2: Items dropped by elite monsters, gained from completing hidden room challenges

In Dead Cells, the connection of each level is specific. To achieve a certain level, it is necessary to advance the game based on the connection of this level. Here is a complete process map for everyone, which shows all the players' feasible roads, and specific roads will be opened according to specific runes. It is worth noting that the blue arrow indicates that you can enter every game, while the red arrow can only enter after injecting BOSS cells.

Is there any simple guide for new players of Dead Cells?