Is x-box worth buying, and which one is better?


Want to buy an x-box at home and play on the weekend, do you know what the Great God recommends?
Brands or built-in games are fine.


There are many brands of Xbox
The products of the 360 brand of Xbox are very old, and no new products have been launched. The fc brand of the friend next door often launches new products, but now I can buy a second-hand cracker full of games for less than 1,000, and I have played for a long time It ’s okay, but the picture is outdated
One brand focuses on the low-end market, does not support 4k, and the host itself is very large, but it is still a good xbox, the handle is very easy to use
The one s brand is a lot better, much smaller than the one brand of the Xbox, supports hdr and 4k, and has a slightly better handle, but the graphics card and processor are basically the same as one, compared with one The price is much more expensive
One X brand's xbox focuses on the high-end market, with strong performance, native 4k, water-cooled heat dissipation, ultra-high-definition Blu-ray drive, which is the top version of xbox, and lighter and smaller than other brands of xbox. Picture, and there is a great big screen 4k TV, just buy this brand of Xbox
Compared with the slogans of friends, several of Microsoft ’s xbox brands have become smaller and smaller as the price increases, which is a bit puzzling.
If you want built-in games for Xbox, you can buy the bundled version of Xbox, of course, you need to add money
If you have more money, you can also buy elite controllers as accessories to get a better gaming experience
The xboxes of these brands have problems with the National Bank or other regional versions. Try to buy non-National Bank xboxes. The Hong Kong version of the Xbox is very good. The National Bank does not have a good jailbreak method. Only the jailbroken xboxes have a good trial Experience
Please look for the above genuine brands when buying, do not buy fake or inferior brands such as surface or luma