Isn't the I am jonas movie ending too ridiculous? How would you explain it?


A living person, an adult, a man of nearly adulthood, has disappeared for decades. There is no news, is it possible? Do the police eat dry food? The male owner cares so much about his boyfriend that he ca n’t remember any information, is it possible? It feels like the finale is a safety education movie. . . And it ’s education for safety education, no reason.
Difficult to have any empathy with or interest in the characters. There's no buy-in to the love story either. You're left waiting for something interesting to happen.


I'm not one for happy endings, but neither am I a fan of movies that keep you hanging, unless of course there is a sequel which I doubt this will have. In the end, I had more questions than I got answers. Maybe I missed something. Hmmm.

What do you think of the movie ending?

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