Jackie Chan new style kung fu comedy-Best Role he palyed at the age of 60s


Jackie Chan ’s stuff is decreasing, and plot and emotional factors are amplifying. A “Jackie Chan movie” that is not very “Jackie Chan” We will watch [British duel] for Jackie Chan and his actions. But this time, the audience can expect a completely different Jackie Chan. Due to his age, he was not allowed to continue the single Kung Fu comedy route. However, this spy warfare action film of "Poor Extreme Thinking Change" has a different brilliance.

The Foreigner (2017)

Recommended reason: Jackie Chan plays the elderly, began to fight no more, no funny kung fu, a new style of play

Recommended crowd: Fans who want to watch Jackie Chan ’s movie but enough to watch Kung Fu comedy, look forward to Jackie Chan ’s actions, but look forward to changing audiences


Watching tips:

1. The film is adapted from Stephen Leather's novel "The Chinaman".

2. This is after [007's Golden Eye], Martin Campbell first cooperated with Pierce Brosnan.

3. When the film was shot at the Lambeth Bridge in London, it was mistaken by local residents for it to be a real explosion.

Movie review

The film tells the story of a veteran revenge for a woman. At the same time, the fight against terrorism is integrated into the British political environment.
On the surface, this is often seen in Jackie Chan's movies, and the protagonist fights against various evil forces. But the film's handling is very special, to avoid weaknesses.

Of course, as a spy warfare action movie, [British Showdown] 's rhythm is too calm, lacking the stimulating point that makes people feel scared. The part of the political conspiracy is also not complicated enough, and the various forces and the "dark fighting" between them are insufficiently portrayed.
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