JBL CM220 has a variety of connection modes


JBL's new generation desktop HiFi speaker CM220 USES a 1-inch silk film ball top tweeter unit + a 4-inch metal disc woofer unit, which is combined with professional class D digital amplifier and 30Wx2 strong output power, bringing clear and transparent treble and plump and deep bass performance. It is the good companion that sitting room TV and PC computer.

JBL CM220 has a variety of connection modes, which support RCA analog input, bluetooth connection, USB connection and USB disk playback, so as to meet the needs of users in a variety of scenarios. In terms of appearance, the appearance design of JBL CM220 is exquisite and elegant, with matte black panel and cherry red side panel. No matter where it is placed, it can be well integrated into the home environment, bringing you the double enjoyment of vision and hearing.

JBL CM220 high-fidelity active listening speakers appearance high-end grade, atmospheric proportion is very harmonious, the touch feeling is quite good, the operation is simple, clear timbre without a murmur, at this price, quality is the best two audio cables to improve a bit better, in general it is a sexual price or a stereo sound quality is very high.