Jojo Rabbit review: better than 94% of comedy movies but burst into tears with a smile


A difficult one, P Plus support. In this new pneumonia epidemic, Shandong ’s support is particularly eye-catching. It can be described as a "moving style" to support Hubei, personnel supplies, vegetable equipment, what is missing and what to send, the image of "Big Brother" rises high.

There is warmth in the world. I believe that with the efforts of all parties, Hubei will soon resume its normal life.

"Love" is a prerequisite for human development and an important bond between people. Because of love, many medical staff stay on the front line. Because of love, many people have contributed their own strength.

In the film " Jojo Rabbit", some people also protect the weaker people because of "love", and also gain warmth in the other party.


Director Tayi Jia · Vaidya mention With the film won the 92nd Oscar for best adapted screenplay award , after he got the statuette very excited, not only carefully looked at the stage, also stepped down quietly hidden in the bottom of the chair, I thought it was naughty when no one saw it.


The heroine of this film is played by Scarlett . She is the best goddess in the eyes of many people. The large films she has played in are countless. The hot and capable "black widow" does not know how many people are obsessed. Presumably everyone is also looking forward to her better performance, I don't know what amazing performance she will play as her mother?


The male lead is a serious little Zhengtai, and what happened between the ghost head and the goddess must be very interesting.

"Accept everything happens, good and horror, persevere, there is no constant thing, no constant emotion."

The whole movie is centered on the 10-year-old boy Qiao Qiao. Like other children of the same age, Qiao Qiao loves fantasy and adventure and wants to be a world-famous hero.

He happily joined the Hitler Youth League, a member of the trio of instructors, and Captain Klenson was unhappy that his superior had been transferred to teach the gang of ghosts because of his own eye injury. The instructor showed the demon heads the shooting technique at the scene. The effect is obvious. You can see the crazy applause of the devil heads.

Another fat female instructor is proud to have given birth to 18 children in Germany, and is determined to train the girls into the country's fertility machine.
The teaching of theory makes one wonder if this is a game. The female teacher paints the Jews as an ugly monster, degrading the Jews and saying that they once mate with fish. Praise the Nazis, saying they are the best race.


Jojo often summons the idol Hitler in his heart, and the imaginary Hitler often gives him advice and enlighten Jojo. In order to prove that he was not timid at all, Jojo ran to the instructor in one breath and snatched the grenade. He injured himself by mistake and had a "glory" medal on his face. Wish is good, but reality is cruel.

Jojo looked at the scars on his face like a map in the mirror, and he was arrogant not to go out. A clever mother always had a way. She pretended to be a general and gave orders to Jojo and took him to the Youth League.

I have to say that this mother was really domineering. She came up with an action against the instructor Klenson. After some "consultation", the instructor had to arrange for Jojo to post a revelation.

The whole movie looks at World War II from a child's perspective. Jojo's enthusiasm for the Nazis is not like a kid-like play. The director very vividly showed the world in the eyes of children, absurd, funny, scared and doubtful. Jojo's performance is also remarkable, and the image is particularly in line with the nickname in the film Jojo.


Whether it is disaster or beauty, this is a part of life, we have to try to accept it. In this process, the strongest force that supports us to continue is love. Jojo and the Jewish girl's feelings change gradually, from hating each other to warming each other. Nothing is set in stone, and so are emotions.


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