Kill Eve Season 3: Narcissism and Psychological Analysis of Fairy Love


In fact, in all the emotional relationships of everyone, there is an iron law - where there is no response, it is desperate!

With the small pervert and Eve killing the Internet giant, the investigation of the "12 disciples" organization has obviously stopped. Little Pervert continued her killer career, but apparently was not very satisfied with the status. Eve didn't heal because of the gunshot wound. Even activities such as selecting goods in supermarkets have many difficulties. Kenny's death indicates that the little pervert and Eve will reunite and start to seek justice for Kenny together.

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After "breaking up" at the end of the second season, Eve returned to a Korean restaurant to work and the little pervert came to the original Russian teacher. Of course, what I am more concerned about is that when the two played the cat and mouse game in the first season, and when they jointly investigated the case in the second season, both of them showed their best. However, the two in the third season are undoubtedly "mourning".

This kind of emotion between them can be simply described as loving and killing each other , but after careful analysis, the relationship between the two people is the result of deep narcissism . In essence, all love partners are in love with themselves.

Furthermore, their relationship is "I can't live with you, and I can't live without you" .