Kodi updates: only support 60" or larger displays and no longer operate through free public wifi


April 1st,Kodi released their response to Internet issue. To help ensure there is enough connection for everyone needs it, Kodi decided to reduce its steaming resolution by the following steps:

  • Playback will only be available at standard definition and low colour depth to save bandwidth.
  • The Kodi reserves the right to implement 1 channel audio and 4 bit monochrome video with AI based dithering shaders to recolour the content should the ongoing situation require it.
  • Streaming addons and IPTV may limit access to meet local/regional curfew restrictions.
  • Kodi will only function on home networks, and will no longer operate through free public wifi.
  • The Kodi database will be scrubbed overnight every night to ensure it remains clean.
  • Kodi will only support 60" or larger displays to implement social distancing requirements and prevent people grouping around small devices.
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I thought people may group around large devices more often? well, people could get more space around large screen such as televisions and projectors