Korean best TV series in 2020: Hospital Playlist Netflix episodes


You may not have heard the name Shen Yuanhao, but you must have seen his work. The most famous piece of work is the trilogy "Please Answer". You must know that "Please Answer 1988" is still the first in the Korean TV drama high score list .


In addition, the scores of Shendou's dramas on Douban are basically above 9 points. Even if the score is slightly lower, please answer 1994, the score has reached 8.7. It can be said that the three words of Shen Yuanhao are the guarantee of the quality of Korean drama .

"The Life of Witty Doctor" continues the style of applying for previous works, taking a long course, so some friends report that the first episode is not understandable, and some people even feel boring and boring, which is normal.

In fact, friends who have watched "Witty Life in Prison" will understand that as long as you "boil" the first two episodes, you can reap unexpected happiness.


But everybody sees it, the taste of watching a drama is a very personal thing, and it is normal to dislike it.

I have to mention the cast of this play, just pick out two actors, and I will be able to prop up a complete play. It ’s important to know that there are three major actors in a play, but there are 5 in the Life of Witty Doctor! There are many familiar faces in the "Please Answer" series.


For example, the father of Deshan in "Please answer 1988", the seven letters in "Please answer 1994", Zheng Jinghao (our Zheng girl) in "Wisdom in the Jail Cell", Cao Zhengshi in "Extreme Escape", in "The Voice of My Heart" Jin Daming and so on. The ability to apply for casting is truly first-class.

The heroine, All-American, is also a "face-to-face" selected in accordance with convention, and is said to have been selected under the strong recommendation of Cao Zhengshi. What is reversed is that, in reality, All America is a musical actor, but the role played in the play is absolutely musical. As the only girl in the Gang of Five, I still look forward to her story.


Remember the fear of being dominated by her husband in "1988"?

Friends who have seen "Please answer 1988" must not forget the sadness of the husband who had guessed the wrong one, Gouhuanor Aze, this is question.



The first episode of "Wizard Doctor Life" opened the "guess" mode, but instead of guessing her husband, he guessed his son. In the play, the president of the hospital where the protagonists worked died, but the heir is his youngest son. The outside world is very curious (the audience is also curious), this big company must not come to fight for the property code, how can it be the younger son's turn to inherit.


There is only one answer, that is, the rest of the president ’s children are either going to be priests or nuns, leaving only the younger son to “support hard” in the hospital, (in fact, the younger son also wants to be a priest, but the family business must Someone takes care of it).

I originally thought that it would be fine to guess this. As a result, at the end of the first episode, Jin Junwan, who played by Zheng Zheng, found out that his friend Cai Songhe ’s boyfriend was derailed. He bravely started his friends and made the audience guess again: Hey, are there emotional lines among these five people? Should I guess my husband again?


However, according to the third episode, maybe each star in the play has its own independent emotional line. You have to know that there are five starring roles in "Witty Doctor Life". If there are five emotional lines, it will be wonderful to think about it.

The doctor is a person or not a god, "Wizard Doctor Life" refuses dog blood as long as it is warm

As mentioned earlier, if you find Shen's drama boring, you can see "Spring" after the first two episodes. In the third episode recently aired, the plot rhythm is accelerated by a few points.

In order not to spoil, I only talk about a plot that I am very touched by.

The doctor Jin Junyuan played by Zheng Jinghao in the play is poisonous and kind. When his resident doctor introduced him to the intern, he said something like this: There are many emergency cardiothoracic surgeries and the most dramatic place. Those who go to work in the morning are in the morgue in the afternoon, which is cardiothoracic surgery. But do you know who is the best doctor in this place?


The intern answered: "Master Romance Doctor." The resident told them that there are no doctors like the ones in the TV series, only doctors like tyrants (referring to Jin Junyuan)

This is the role of Dr. Jin Junwan. He will not be "warm" to the patient, but he does his best to the patient. In the eyes of the patient, it seems that he is not human, but in fact he is only considering for the patient.


For example, an old father wanted to attend his daughter ’s wedding and asked him if the operation could be postponed for two days. He said without hesitation: No, unless you want to die soon. The patient's daughter was almost mad.

In the play, Dr. An, the younger son of the hospital president mentioned earlier, was particularly difficult when the patient he was responsible for died because he was a children's doctor. The way he settled his worries was to go to the church and talk to the priest.


Others always regard the doctor as the existence of a savior, but forget that they are also human, they will be tired and sad. After all, doctors are humans, not gods.

This drama is believed to allow many people to rethink the relationship between doctors and patients.

Shen's drama is so magical, he will not play a fast-paced plot with you, he just shoots out the plot, allowing you to experience the plain, simple, simple glowing points in life.


I always think that the reason why Shen Yuanhao ’s plays can achieve good results is that his play is not impetuous.

In the "Itaewon" that I said before, in the past few years, too many Korean dramas have gone up and down. In order to ratings, the writer ca n’t wait to reflect all the conflicts in the first few episodes. The side effect is that the plot is not successful. When I came back, it became more and more procrastinating, and it became a bad drama.

In this impetuous society, we need this kind of "slow-paced" drama to bring us back to the essence of life. But the application is more self-willed, and only one episode is updated a week. The show is now updated in three episodes. Friends who want to chase the show can wait to watch it later.

Finally, carry some private goods. Have you seen the "please answer 1997" friends? ! It's really pretty! ! It looks bad looking for me.