Laser Projector Buying Guide: All Your Concerns


Laser projectors are more and more popular now, and many people are considering buying them for home entertainment. Here is some basic knowledge you may concern about when buying a laser projector.


How much does a laser projector cost?​

As with any advanced technology, laser projectors were not cheap at first. As more projectors are sold and the supplier supply chain and manufacturing achieve economies of scale, prices will slowly come down.
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What about safety and regulations of laser projector?​

We believe that laser projectors are no more dangerous than high power projection systems. In the U.S., it is classified as a manufacturer by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which means that we can legally sell and install laser projectors in accordance with U.S. government safety regulations.

What is currently offered in the market and why?​

History tells us that for advanced projector technologies, such as laser projection, the right market entry point is to wait until the market has an exact demand. Here we believe that the main demand of the market is brighter projection for various applications such as 3D movies, projection mapping, architectural displays and special events. With existing technology, the only laser projection architecture that works well for these high-brightness applications is the RGB laser projector. In simple terms, all light for the system is generated by red, green and blue laser devices, no additional technology is required.
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What is the spot on laser projector screen and do I need to worry about it?​

Speckle is a visible imperfection in laser projection, equivalent to the scattering of light when it hits the projector screen, which manifests as unique video noise. Both projector manufacturers and industry partner companies are working to develop ways to reduce speckle. However, the best way now is to choose a reasonable screen material carefully. As a general rule, low gain screens are generally better than high gain screens, and screens (used in polarized 3D systems) have the worst speckle performance.

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Can screen vibration reduce the spots?​

Screen vibration is a well-known anti-plaque method that has been successfully used by many organizations, including, for all screen technology demonstrations. However, we don't think the current screen vibration system is powerful or practical enough to vibrate the large screens commonly found in stationary applications. Of course, research in this area continues, especially in cinematic screenless TV applications, where screen screens are widely adopted due to the popularity of polarized 3D systems.

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What safety issues should I pay attention to when using a laser projector?​

1. Do not use the projector after the replacement period has passed. Once the replacement period has passed, the possibility of the projector breaking increases. When the replace projector message appears, replace the lamp with a new one as soon as possible.

2. The gas of silver lamps contains mercury vapor. If the lamp breaks, immediately ventilate the house to prevent the gas leaked from the broken lamp from being inhaled into the mouth or in contact with the eyes.

3. Do not put your face close to the projector when using the projector, so that the gas leaked from the broken projector lamp may be sucked into your mouth or come into contact with your eyes.

4. If the projector lamp is broken, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Please consult the dealer where you purchased the product or the nearest dealer for replacement.

5. Especially in the case of drop-top installation, small glass fragments may fall off when the projector lamp cover is opened. If you are asked to clean the projector or replace the lamp yourself, be careful not to get debris into your eyes or mouth. If the projection lamp breaks, the gas released is inhaled into the mouth or glass shards fall into the eyes or mouth, or if you notice any other adverse reactions, seek medical attention immediately.

6. Clean the inside of the projector every two years. Ask your dealer to clean the inside of the projector about every two years. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the dust accumulated inside the projector can cause fire or fail to work properly. It will be more effective to wash before the arrival.
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If you don't know how to choose a projector, you can refer to more projector selection guides, or post your doubts in the projector forum, any projector-related discussions are very welcomed here. If you are interested in laser projectors, visit the projector forum.
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