LCD TV Mini LED Backlight Technology Advantage


This article will show you the advantage of Mini LED backlight technology.

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To measure the picture quality of a TV, we have to start from multiple dimensions such as color, brightness and contrast. Quantum dot technology addresses the color performance of the TV, while miniLED technology addresses the brightness and contrast performance of the LCD TV.

In simple terms, miniLED backlight technology, is the traditional LED TV backlight beads for miniaturization, miniLED lamp beads can do about 200um size, and a hair of about the same. The significance of making the light set smaller lies in the ability to put a greater number of light beads in the same size. Currently on the market miniLED TV backlight beads are reaching thousands of orders of magnitude, some high-end products are reaching tens of thousands of levels.

So what can so many light beads bring? The first is to enhance the number of backlight partitions, we all know that the LCD molecules can not be completely closed, to make the LCD display pure black, the best way is to turn off the backlight. So the backlight will be divided into multiple partitions, independent switch control, will be able to improve the LCD TV contrast low, dark field performance is not good.

And the more the number of partitions, means that can be more fine control of the picture. The traditional LED backlight TV, most of its backlight partition number can only do hundreds of levels, and miniLED backlight TV can easily do thousands of levels of partition, bringing the contrast and light control performance is unmatched by traditional LED backlight.

In addition, more lamp beads, but also to achieve higher screen brightness, so that the TV's brightness easily exceeds thousands of nits. miniLED backlight technology can also greatly improve the traditional LED TV screen brightness is uneven, the four corners of the dark common problem.

It can be said that the miniLED backlight technology significantly reduces the contrast gap between OLED TV and LCD TV, so that LCD TV can also have an extremely good dark field performance.