Lenovo AirH6 projector User Review Feedback


Lenovo AirH6 is a cost-effective projector. So how does this projector actually work? Let's learn about this projector through the actual use evaluation of real users to see if Lenovo AirH6 is worth starting.

Lenovo AirH6 projector User Review Feedback:​

1. It would be better if the Lenovo AirH6 could be made smaller to improve portability. Also, the power cord could be a little longer. Compared with Xiaoming Q1pro, I think the details are better, and the projection effect is not much different. The Lenovo AirH6 was finally chosen because of the projection brightness and Lenovo's brand. I hope this projector lasts longer.


2. Lenovo AirH6 projector is good. It can be used at home and in the office, and it has an intelligent system, which is so convenient to use. Generally speaking, it is more suitable for business, and I plan to use it for internal training in the department. The actual picture effect is not bad, the brightness is much higher, the window can be very clear on cloudy days, and the light is the same.


3. The Lenovo AirH6 has a good effect, simple operation, clear picture quality and sound, just right for home use, and the price is not too expensive. I mainly use it for meeting and reporting work, it is convenient and fast to use, and the effect is also very good. And it's wireless, which is very convenient.


In summary, this is the entire content of the Lenovo AirH6 projector use evaluation. Through the actual use experience of real users, it can be found that this is a cost-effective projector, which can basically meet the daily needs of users.