Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector: Which is better?


Lenovo YOGA 7000 vs Dangbei F5 projector, which is better? These two are home smart projectors priced around 5,000 yuan. Next, I will compare the performance of the two projections through various tests.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector.jpg

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector Appearance​

First of all, in terms of appearance, the styles of the two projections are completely different. Dangbei F5 adopts a more square shape and a moderate size. The Lenovo YOGA 7000 has a special appearance. It looks like a chocolate-flavored Swiss roll, which is large and heavy. It is suitable to be placed in a fixed position and requires a sturdy stand.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector appearance.jpg

Lenovo YOGA 7000 is made of textile material, which may be easy to accumulate dust and not easy to clean. Dangbei F5 is made of aviation aluminum, which is relatively simple in cleaning.

The two projectors have the same interface, and both have two USB interfaces, two HDMI interfaces, as well as common interfaces such as network cable interfaces and audio interfaces.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector ports.jpg

When Bei F5 adopts hidden touch buttons, the buttons will light up when power is on. Lenovo YOGA 7000 has a physical power-on button directly above. What is more interesting is that the Lenovo YOGA 7000 has a power sliding door design, which will show the lens after it is powered on.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector ports power button.jpg

The remote control of Dangbei F5 adopts a two-color color matching design, metal material, and retains the unique side buttons of Dangbei. Lenovo YOGA 7000 is also made of metal material, which is slightly shorter than F5.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector remote.jpg

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector Picture Quality​

In the test, the Dangbei F5 reached 97% sRGB, while the Lenovo YOGA 7000 was 90% sRGB, and the Dangbei F5 was better than the Lenovo YOGA 7000.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector color.jpg

In terms of color accuracy, the Dangbei F5 color accuracy △E value is smaller than that of Lenovo YOGA 7000. △E is a parameter to measure the color standard. The smaller the value, the smaller the color deviation of the display. Generally speaking, △E between 3 and 5 is excellent, and most mid-to-high-end monitors can reach this level. The color accuracy of Dangbei F5 is 4.79, and the color accuracy of Lenovo YOGA 7000 is 5.25.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector color test.jpg

Below is a subjective review of playing local pictures.

In testing, I used an Apple computer to play the original film for comparison. In the comparison, the settings of the two products are the factory standard settings, and there is no change in the parameters. And limited by the compression of the website upload, the actual naked eye effect is better than the screen shot picture.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector image.jpg

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector image2.jpg

In these two pictures, the original picture of wheat ears is yellow and green. It can be seen that Dangbei F5 is closer to the original picture, while Lenovo YOGA 7000 is generally green. The background of the figure holding the umbrella is actually yellow, but the Lenovo YOGA 7000 still tends to be green as a whole.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector image 3.jpg

In the blue sky picture, the overall picture of the Dangbei F5 is more transparent, while the Lenovo YOGA 7000 is biased towards purple.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector dark field.jpg

In the same dark scene, the edges and corners of different bricks on the roof can be clearly seen in the picture of Dangbei F5, while the Lenovo YOGA 7000 is completely black.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector video decoding.jpg

When testing the decoding ability of local pictures and videos, the same pictures are played at the same time. When the pictures of Dangbei F5 are displayed faster, and when the pictures are played quickly, the picture decoding fails in Lenovo, resulting in a very small picture.

The brightness of the Dangbei F5 is 2800ANSI lumens, and the Lenovo YOGA 7000 is 2400ANSI lumens. The color of the Dangbei F5 is more saturated and brighter, which is limited by the shooting of the camera. In fact, the brightness and color of the Dangbei F5 are better when viewed with the naked eye.

The projector is not limited to watching dramas and watching movies, but can also be connected to the host to play games on a large screen. In the test, I used a splitter box to synchronize the game screen in the two projectors, which can more intuitively feel the degree of delay.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector game mode.jpg

The Dangbei F5 has a game mode, while the Lenovo YOGA 7000 does not have a separate game mode classification, and the details page indicates that the delay is as low as 15ms.

When the game mode of Dangbei F5 is not turned on, I can feel a slight difference in the delay between the two games, but the difference is not too obvious. But when I turned on the game mode, the lag of the two products separated. It can be seen from the picture that in the same running picture, the Dangbei F5 is obviously faster than the Lenovo YOGA 7000.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector Smart System​

Both products are based on the Android 9.0-optimized smart operating system. Dangbei F5 adopts the Dangbei OS system, and the column design is simple. Lenovo YOGA 7000 is equipped with its own newly upgraded ZUI system, which is the same as that of ordinary large-screen TVs in UI design. In terms of resource distribution, Dangbei F5 has the whole network search function.

Dangbei F5 supports switching between child mode, standard mode and elder mode, while Lenovo YOGA 7000 can only open the child mode in the child column. Many people ignore the elder model. In fact, the elder model is also the focus of our attention now. The development of technology should not only consider the usage habits of young people, but also the elderly.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector Projection​

Both projectors support auto focus, auto keystone correction, auto obstacle avoidance, auto admiration, and eye protection. The difference is that Dangbei F5 supports global automatic eye protection, while Lenovo YOGA 7000 only supports the automatic eye protection function in child mode.
Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector correct.jpg

In terms of automatic keystone correction, Dangbei F5 can correct quickly and is very square. But Lenovo YOGA 7000 has been failing to correct for some unknown reason. At first I thought it was the system reason, so I restored the system to factory settings, but it still failed during the correction process, and finally I had to manually adjust it. In automatic obstacle avoidance, Dangbei can accurately identify obstacles and correct them accurately. Although Lenovo YOGA 7000 can also identify obstacles, it still fails to correct.

In terms of autofocus, the Lenovo YOGA 7000 is fast in focusing speed, but it takes a little time for the F5.

Dangbei F5 adopts the self-developed Dangbei screen projection software, which has no advertisements. Lenovo YOGA 7000 uses third-party projection software, and you need to watch advertisements before projecting the screen. And if you want to cancel the advertisement, you need to pay for a membership.

Lenovo Yoga 7000 vs Dangbei F5 Projector Summary​

Lenovo YOGA 7000 and Dangbei F5 projectors have their own advantages. Lenovo YOGA 7000 is larger in size and weight than Dangbei F5, but Dangbei F5 performs better overall, and has global eye protection functions. It also has three viewing modes and two game modes to choose from in the system mode. Lenovo YOGA 7000 has an advantage in focusing, and the focusing speed is very fast. In general, Dangbei F5 has more comprehensive functions.


Dangbei F5 is the Chinese version and there is a Dangbei Mars Pro 4K laser projector which is very popular. Among smart projectors, this one is a good value for money.