LG 42 C2 VS C1 Game TV, What's been improved?


When compare 42 inch LG C2 with LG C1, what's the difference? Let's see the improvement of 42 inch LG C2.

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Added 42-inch model​

Generally speaking, the bigger the display, the better, but not necessarily for OLED models with special gameplay. Many console/desktop dual-wielder users, because of the requirements of the usage scenario, need a camera with limited viewing distance, but want to be as large as possible.

The 30-inch traditional desktop may not reach the limit, and the traditional TV 50-inch is too large for the desktop. The 42-inch C2 brought about by adjusting the panel cutout combination is just fine for many people.

4 HDMI2.1 ports​

The LG C1 is configured with 3 HDMI2.1s that are not full blood, while the LG C2 is configured with 4 full blood HDMI2.1s. Although it may not have a great impact on the actual situation, it is different for the heart. After all, HDMI2.1 can support 4K 120Hz 12bit RGB4:4:4. For this ultimate monitor, of course, it is a must-have configuration for the future.

Improved brightness in large-size models above 55​

This is mainly because the new WBE or OLED EX will be replaced this year. In theory, the brightness of the new panel can be greatly improved. However, in the 42/48 sizes, even if the brightness of the new panel is actually the same, the characteristics of power consumption/life optimization may be retained.

Base Design​

The base design of the C1\CX looks more elegant, but requires a deeper table top. LG C2 48-inch and above models use the old base, while 42 uses a newly designed base, which requires less desktop depth.