LG considers HDR10+ unnecessary


Neil Robinson, LG Senior Director Strategic Technical Projects

Robinson freely admitted that LG wasn’t a member of any industry organisations that represented the rival HDR10+ process and that HDR10+ worked in a slightly different way when grading the HDR master. First of all, there are typically no Trim Passes to facilitate any further corrections if required once the HDR10+ HDR grade has been created.

Furthermore, information about the HDR content is then created by analysing the HDR content itself to produce dynamic metadata cues which inform lower performance TVs how to manage their tone mapping for the HDR content.

Robinson explained that LG’s TV’s, even its lower-end models, support dynamic tone mapping which uses very similar image analysis to that which HDR10+ uses offline. As LG’s TVs do this in real-time, it is felt that HDR10+ wouldn’t add anything that isn’t already being done.

“We’re doing that in real-time even in our lowest end TVs, so the need for HDR10+ for us doesn’t seem to be there,” was Robinson’s conclusion.