LG E9 OLED review: the 65-inch TV is amazing


Bought on Saturday from John Lewis being delivered on Thursday I can’t wait! I am getting the 65-inch TV. I have demoed the 55-inch in Curry’s on YouTube and it was fantastic! I couldn't decide between this and the Sony 65AG9 but after demoing both on YouTube there was one winner and that was the LG by far in the end.

My LG 65e6 got screen burn and I paid £4500 for it and John Lewis refunded me £3999, I went through a long search process could’ve had the Samsung 75-inch Qled or the LG 77c8 but decided upon this TV in the end. I paid £3200 for it including £100 John Lewis or Waitrose credit.

Picture out of the box is great I am only using standard settings so far I will probably move onto expert dark, but I am really enjoying on this setting at the moment. I don’t think it’s too dark or too bright just right to see the improvements eg darker and brighter colours. Planes picture is Sky HD, only Batman Begins is 4K. Lego Batman from pictures is Sky HD. Just flicked around normal pictures are great. LG Oleds have very good pictures from all sources and this is no different. I demoed the 55E9 in Curry’s and that was good too just like the 65-inch.

If I was you I would go for the E9 the design is amazing!
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