LG OLED B6 - about Apple Keyboard Setup?


I want to hook up a wireless keyboard to my LG OLED B6. I would prefer to use one of my Apple Magic silver keyboards - a very common mini keyboard that comes with every Mac desktop purchase.
An LG phone representative told me all I need to do is get a bluetooth transmitter that plugs into a USB port on the TV; it will pair with any compatible bluetooth keyboard regardless of brand, I guess through Settings>General. However, he could not recommend a particular brand.
Can anyone here please recommend the best simple dongle for making my Apple keyboard work with any TV searches that require text type-in? I'm tired of using the red screen pointer to select one letter at a time


I ve been using the K400 Plus with a C8. The trackpad moves the pointer and the keyboard works with a lot of the TV pages

But in the US you can get the K600 TV which I think is both unifying and bluetooth