LG "Smart" TV Says Wifi's Turned Off


Bought a LG 60 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV 60UH8500 3D UHD TV a year and a half ago, and it's worked just fine 'til just a few weeks ago, when it started to lose the wifi connection, and when I'd go to turn it on again, there'd be a message saying that the wifi is turned off, and to turn it on. Occasionally it would come back on its own, and once in a while I'd see the screen where it's searching for available networks... and searching... and searching... This all seemed to happen after a recent update to the TV (though I'm not sure that'd be the reason). I've tried resetting my country and setting it back again, turning off "Quick Start," unplugging everything and plugging it all back in, and even had Spectrum come and give me a shiny new modem. Still nothing works. All other devices in my home find the network just fine. Any suggestions would be awesome. LG's support was really no help, as their suggestions were all things I'd already tried.


Tried everything to get my WiFi to work with no luck. Finally took the back off my TV and saw that the wires going to the WiFi board was mingled a bit. Straighten those bad boys out and my 55 inch is working flawless!