LG's new TV NanoCell supports AirPlay 2 with HomeKit


As a strong contender in the home appliance market, LG has maintained superior market performance. Recently, a media exposure of the LG 2020 NanoCell series of new TV launch time and price, a time has aroused widespread concern in the industry.

LG's new TV NanoCell supports AirPlay 2 with HomeKit

The series starts at $599.

LG Nano81 series:

$599 for 55-inch, available in May;

The 65-inch model costs $899 and goes on sale in April.

LG Nano85 series:

49-inch, $649, already on sale;

55-inch, $849, available in May;

65-inch, $1,119, available in April;

The 75-inch price is yet to be announced and will go on sale in September.

LG Nano90 series:

55-inch, $1,049, on sale in April;

$1,499 for 65 inches, available in May;

75-inch, $2,499, already on sale;

The 86-inch model, priced at $3,299, is already available;

LG Nano99 8K series:

$3,499 for 65 inches, available in June;

75-inch model for $4,999, available in May;

According to the introduction, the series of TV is the biggest feature of support AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, can greatly enrich the user of the smart home platform of personalized choice.

Also, the series was first shown at CES 2020. Thanks to the help of nano-scale impurity removal technology, this series of TV sets can show users a natural and realistic color picture even in a wide perspective.

It is reported that the TV also supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, among which the LG 2020 8K NanoCell smart TV is the first to get the CTA 8K Ultra HD certification, can bring users more visual surprise and shock, it is worth looking forward to.