Has anyone tried to use the live wave antenna. It has a coax feed and plugs into your 110 volt outlet. It claims to use the wiring of your house as an antenna. Is it bogus or is it possible that would work? I may not really need it since I am close enough to New York City but I certainly would like to pick up more channels and pick up the ones I have now with more reliability.


This may work as a good antenna, but there is no way it can give you cable channels. Cable channels are not broadcasted into the air. Therefore no antenna could ever pick any cable channels up, no matter how powerful. Cable channels are delivered through a cable line directly into the home. High powered antennas can only pick up broadcast channels from local stations. How many stations are available depends on how many local stations are in your area. If you live in a large city you bay get 60 to 80 channels, including sub-channels, but if you live in a small town or rural area you may only get 5 to 10 channels even with a huge outdoor antenna. Any product that claims it can give you cable channels through an antenna are just scams. They do not, and cannot, give you access to any cable channels.