Looking for an Android TV, no TV box or firestick, $1000 budget


Hello, i am trying to upgrade my TV to an Android 43" to 49" inches max.
Here is my requirements:
  1. I want the device to run smooth, at least better than the TV I am using right now (Philips 7303) which cannot respond press on remote in less than 5 sec;
  2. No TV box or firestick, no extra external devices, just a smart TV that have OS inside;
  3. My max budget is 1000$
Any advices or recommendations?


Hi vivian, I just noticed you are looking for some advice on Android TV. I want to share some experience with you:

Seriously...don't exclude the idea of an external box. Personally I have a 2019 C9 OLED and I still use a 2019 Nvidia shield because it's AI upscaling is just so good. Not to mention...Android all the things. Even though the built in system is actually decent and quite fast, the shield is just better.

Just buy the TV purely for the display. Best quality and accuracy display that meets your size and compatability requirements. Then use an Android TV box (highly recommend the 2019 shield) and then literally completely ignore the built in smart system and original TV remote. Act as if your box is the main system.

Far more upgradable. Not to mention typically things built to do one job, more often than not do it better than things trying to do everything in one unit, while still at a reasonable price.


The only decent chipsets in TV’s for running the Android TV OS are the new, noticeably more powerful ones in the Sony X85G / X95G / A9G and 2018 Sony “Master Series” TV‘s.
Everything else is comparatively underpowered Rubbish.

Suggestion, buy a Verizon Stream 4K or wait for the TiVo Stream 4K. Both are excellent, snappy, bang for the buck Android TV devices.


What about the new 2020 X850H
Yes a lot more Sony 2020 model TV’s are finally getting the new more powerful MediaTek chipsets for running Android TV 9.0 Pie out of the box.

The thing to look for is Android Pie 9.0 already running on the 2020 Sony’s. They are the ones that package the new MediaTek Chipset.

Ones to also look out for in regard to excellent picture quality also package Sony’s X1 Ultimate Picture Processing chipset.

It all adds up to better Bang for the Buck for mid range Sony’s vs previous years