Los fuertes (The Strong Ones) movie review: love between 2 strong men in Chile


Adapted from the same director and starring as a short film of the same sex theme that won the Best Short Film Award at the Berlin Film Festival (Teddy Bear Award). A young man who fled home from Santiago (capital) to visit his sister and sketched by the sea due to sexual problems, a young man who has been engaged in fishing in a small town in southern Chile and inherited his father ’s mantle to save money and buy a boat. , But fate made the two unintentionally tightly wound, although the end of the line was ultimately contrary to each other ... but the throbbing and strong love, the growth of the independent mind and dream, are different sparkles in life, each other shines, or bright Or dark; also different scenery along the way, fascinating, lonely and pure. The film captures several fragments of life, and few strokes outline the different life encounters of the two people and the scenes of encounter and acquaintance: the young people in the town transport the wooden blocks to the elder sister ’s house in the city, the young people in the city help them move, and they are tired like a hill Wood, two joint handling, calm barrenness of language and fiery intertwined eyes; urban youth accidentally watched the "Chile Independence Movement" show and met young people in the small town, chatting walks by the sea, sunset rain in the sky ...


The beauty is trembling and the love is intense-walking to a deep kiss where no one is uncontrollable, the second in the bar can not be separated, so the love in the toilet is full of love, and the body is awakened in the morning. Dancing and dancing, even though the crowds around are full of glory and full of love for each other, I am not impressed by this beautiful love ...


Impromptu dance in the morning

Love is strong and sorrow is true-although the plot is a bit of a stereotype, the description of the situation promotes the accumulation of emotions, and the climax is repeated. After all, it is a straight line that has no intersection, and the straight line can only have one direction. Urban youth studying abroad and town youth who have planned to buy a boat and live freely in their hometowns and towns by virtue of rich fisheries have always been in different directions. One wants to retain but chokes with a hint; one wants the other Left but lost courage after asking ...

Before watching the movie, Chile was just a narrow and long area of South America on the map. After watching the movie, through the director ’s lens of the beautiful and peaceful and peaceful depiction of the director ’s lens, I became interested in Chile— —Beauty breeze blowing on the endless sea, beautifully shaped coastline formed by the waves hitting the reefs, and beautifully riding on the sea and sky around the island road The beautiful and touching curves in the intimate sex scene ... In the last scene, "Do you want to go to the other side with me?" Looking at each other deeply, the next scene is standing on the boat, with tears in the car.


Wordless farewell

Seeing the last, the expected ending, I still can't help but feel palpitations ... But this gray sentimental can't hide the strong and gorgeous love, the moon is cloudy and sunny, and regret is also a kind of beauty, the beauty is looking back The smile of the past, the infinite possibilities that the United States can imagine in the future, and the sudden look back after the thousands of sails through the vicissitudes of the United States may be a different scenery with temperature. The growing beauty of the time period is the most beautiful time that belongs to the two ... Postscript: Since 2015, Chilean same-sex couples can be civil unions, but they cannot register marriage relationships. Thinking of a story about Brokeback Mountain, Heath Ledger once rejected the 2007 Academy Awards because he did n’t want to use gay stories in Brokeback Mountain as an opening joke. He once said, “This is just a love story, this is about love. That ’s all, do n’t laugh at it ... "Yeah, on the same-sex equality path, there are too many changes that deserve our attention, not only the protection of laws and systems, but also people's eyes and opinions.

"Love is Love", even in Chile, where the road of equal rights has made great progress, we can see that the pure love journey of the two young people is not smooth sailing. I believe that this multiple presentation of details is also what the director wants Through this part of the love story, every love is worth being valued, every love is worth being cherished, and every love is just love.


At the beginning, the mutual attraction is sweet to the explosion, and the dim beauty without the cell phone confusing the sense of the times.