Love, Death & Robots Season 1


Not all of these 18 episodes are stunning, but when you watch them all at once, and see each episode as part of a stunning picture, you can feel a heightened sense of gorgeous, intense pleasure, as if your sense of touch has expanded. Animation works themselves have their inherent freedom and reasonable exaggeration range, which is their more attractive part. In each episode of the series, the salient points are different and have their own emphasis. Some wins in the story, some wins in the painting style (or scene design), some ideas, some imagination space behind, and so on. They complement and fulfill each other, forming the whole of Love, Death and Robots. The whole series is built on a kind of aerial and deconstructive intent, which culminates in the "different history". Playfully playing with the past, challenging the inherent outcome with multiple possibilities. There are environmental protection, technology, war, art, time and space, dystopia, cause and effect of good and evil, futurism and so on. At the same time left blank everywhere, more space to the viewer.

Love, Death & Robots Season 1
Basically all kinds of animation styles and formats have been tried. Episode 3 should have a real scene in Hong Kong. Episode 10 werewolf fighting is much better than other similar films.