Love Wedding Repeat (2020) review: Summary of Positive & Negative comments

positive comment:

Too beautiful! Five stars sent out! romcom really is my love, and the performance of the bridesmaid (Lang) really poke me a little, and I love English comedy, so I ca n’t feel that I ca n’t love English. My Kravelin really grew up on my handsome point, I really eat this hexagram! ! I hope to get the same object as soon as possible √

I found that my Kravlin is still performing well. According to my experience, it is very difficult to doze off a sleepy drama. I feel this guy played well in the second half! (Every move in the sleeping position cares about my heart, which is so handsome.) The role setting of the brother Limax is also very pleasing, sacrificing himself for the happiness of the old girl, why such good brothers always live in In the script. But what is interesting is that the woman who played Kravlin's opponent is so happy, the old girl smiled exactly like Longma in the film, and I can't do it. It seems that Flynn is now smiling at the same paragraph. Fully immune, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! !

In addition, why did I directly dedicate my five loves, because the director's soundtrack won my heart. My motto in life, everyone must be tired, that is, I must put Canon on my wedding, and then listen to this, what is the first soundtrack of the wedding? Canon! ! Sure enough, I will brush the wall to the sound director teacher!

Since it is not a serious film, it is not as thorough as before to write the analysis of various departments. The lines of the script are very good. The content about the chance coincidence in life sounds more meaningful to me who just finished the interview. Do n’t feel like you ’re not lucky anymore. Everyone ’s chance to come into this world is extremely small. Any small change in history may make you even have no chance of a day in this world. So all we can do is seize the opportunity when it comes! So for my current state, I do n’t waste every opportunity and prepare carefully for every point, even if I warmly repay the one ten millionth that made me come to this world. So still have to work hard every day :)

The photography is quite satisfactory, the push and pull should be pushed; the lighting is also normal. What left me a deep impression was that when the ending virgin and Mark said goodbye, the left mark all fell in the dark part, the space accounted for a small proportion, and the unpleasant forces withdrew from the scene. The right side of the female host has a large area of low color temperature lighting. , No lines, all rely on a mirror of visual language. And in order to take care of Mark's perspective when the two were in the same frame, after Mark's painting, the camera moved down slightly to frame the heroine to reduce the white space on the top of the head. The composition is good.

The products produced by Netflix must be high-quality products, and I once had the experience of looking for resources from the entire Quartet. During quarantine, streaming service has become a topic that must be discussed in every class. The analysis of Netflix and Disney + has done and done. I am still proud to announce that I am a loyal fan of Netflix. It ’s a little cool to watch first without going out, hoping that I will have the opportunity to go to work on Netflix and have a dream. All right! Take a break and look at the black mirror, (≧ ∇ ≦) ノ

negative comment:

I watched a 100-minute movie intermittently for 3 hours-probably one of the worst movies I have seen in recent years. . I do n’t know why I ’m making this script, why I ’m telling the story twice, why these characters are doing these behaviors, why they all went to Italy, but they did n’t show us any scenery-everything is too baffling. Although I know the point question: a small change in one thing will bring different results, but this question is not good. What's wrong with Sam Claflin-once handsome, now it's all gone, disappointed
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