Luxcine: a guide to getting started with an entry-level smart projector


Luxcine Projector

These ten years, the technology really changed our lives, before the family around together with a TV set, want to watch TV show at a fixed time. Now, the projector set off a new entertainment way, without watching TV shows at a fixed time, but watch anything you want at anytime. Although smart projector is not very strange for most people, but people don't know much about choose a projector.

Luxcine Projector

Firstly, resolution is a factor to be considered. The picture quality of electronic products depends largely on the resolution. The higher the resolution, the more expensive the price, but it is a quality of life experience, of course, is to choose high-definition picture quality.

The second point is the projected area. For most projectors, 100-120 inches area can be projected from a distance of 4 meters. However, to consider the environmental factors, some projectors within a few tens of centimeters can also project a large picture.

Luxcine Projector

Choosing a projector also requires consideration of brightness. High brightness projection can make the picture clearer, and also can play a better picture during the day. However we don't pursue high brightness, because it is likely to cause eye fatigue, this point is to consider.

The last point is to consider its practicality, because now the single function has not satisfied everyone, not only requires that he can watch the film can also support other entertainment activities, we will choose a relatively multi-function projector, so that the operation range can be wider.