Marvel MMORPG design


Recently, Ramiro Galan, the game UI designer who was responsible for "PUBG", exposed a set of internal images about the Marvel MMORPG that has been confirmed to be cancelled. As can be seen in the published images, players can choose from the Fantastic Four, Avengers and other lineups in the game. There is a high degree of freedom to choose the character's gender, face painting, outfit, and superpowers the character possesses.

Marvel MMORPG design1.jpg

Marvel MMORPG design2.jpg

Marvel MMORPG design3.jpg

Marvel MMORPG design4.jpg

In addition, the annotations for this set of images also show that Galan attaches great importance to this game. "The focus of this round of design is on rich and vibrant color styles. Likewise, this design also pays homage to "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse"." Unfortunately, this yet-to-be-released MMORPG has been released by Daybreak Games parent company EG7 terminated development citing incalculable risks.