Memory: Desperate Housewives best lyrics of S02


Control. It's extraordinary the tactics people employ to obtain it. Some rely on deception, while others engage in outright trickery. Then there are those who resort to extorsion. Why do we fight so hard for control? Because we know: To lose it is to put our fate in the hands of others. And what could be more dangerous?


Everyone enjoys a game of make-believe now and then. Of course, the ways in which we play can vary greatly. Sometimes we tell ourselves work won't interfere with our family life.. Sometimes, we imagine certain relationships to be more meaningful than they really are. Occasionally, we put on a show, as if to convince ourselves our secrets aren't really all that terrible. Yes, the game of make-believe is a simple one. You start by lying to yourself... And if you can get others to believe those lies, you win.
The world is filled with good fathers. How do we recognize them? They're the ones who are missed so terribly that everything falls apart in their absence. They're the ones who love us long before we've even arrived. They're the ones who come looking for us when we can't find our way home. Yes, the world is filled with good fathers. And the best are the ones who make the women in their lives...feel like good mothers.


Everyone in the world needs someone they can depend on--be they faithful friends, determined advocates or a loving family. But occasionally in life, the people who we thought would always be there for us, leave. And if that happens, it's amazing the lengths we'll go to to get them back.

Yes, cameras are tools designed to capture images. But in truth, they can capture so much more. They can uncover hidden longing of men who should no longer care. They can reveal the extraordinary secrets of the most ordinary marriages. Most amazing of all, cameras can quietly and clearly reveal to us our dreams--dreams we didn't even know we had.

In a world filled with darkness, we all need some kind of light. Whether it's a great flame that shows us how to win back what we've lost, or a powerful beacon intended to scare away potential monsters...or a few glowing bulbs that reveal to us the hidden truth of ur past...we all need something to help us get through the night...even if it's just the tiniest glimmer of hope.

It's not always that easy to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. Sinners can surprise you. And the same is true for saints. Why do we try to define people as simply good or simply evil? Because no one wants to admit that compassion and cruelty can live side by side in one heart. And that anyone is capable of anything.

The stories are as old as time itself. The prodigal son who returns home to the father who forgives him. The jealous wife who tricks the husband who trusts her. The desperate mother who risks everything for the child who needs her. And the faithless husband who hurts the wife who loves him so deeply. Why do we listen again and again? Because these are the stories of family, and once we look past the fighting, pain and the resentment? We occasionally like to remind ourselves...there is absolutely nothing more important.


The act itself never varies. But each kiss carries with it a meaning all its own. It can convey a husband's eternal devotion. Or a wife's enormous regret. It can symbolize a mother's growing concern. Or a lover's growing passion. But whatever its meaning, each kiss reflects a basic human need. The need to connect to another human being. This desire is so strong it's always amazing when some people don’t understand it."

Illness can take on many forms. Those of the body are easy to treat. Much more difficult are the hidden maladies that fester in our hearts. The secret addictions that consume our souls. And the diseases we deny which affect our judgment. To survive we need to find that special someone who can heal us. But we can never predict who have the cure for what ails us. Or when they'll show up.


Everyone understands the nature of war. We also understand that victory depends on the cards that we have been dealt. Some, when faced with a bloody battle, simply give in. But for some, surrender is unacceptable. Even though they know it will be a fight.... to the death.

The world is filled with unlikely friendships. How do they begin? With one person desperately in need and another willing to lend a helping hand. When such kindness is offered, we're finally able to see the worth of those we had previously written off. And before we know it, a bond has formed, regardless of whether others can understand it. Yes, unlikely friendships start up every day. No one understands this more than the lonely. In fact, it's what they count on.

Now and then, we all need a little help, so we ask for small favors. But it's always best to be wary of those eager to come to our rescue. Because even the smallest of favors carries a price tag. Yes, everyone has an agenda. No matter what they may tell us. And in those rare instances where there is no ulterior motive. We're so taken aback that we may fail to recognize the truth that a loving friend has just done us an enormous favor."



At that precise moment, as Dr. Hanson Mills was cutting yet another umbilical cord, other ties were being severed all over town. Like the one between a child and the mother who didn't want him to grow up so quickly, or the one between a case of fine wine and the housewife who hadn't wanted to admit that she had a problem, or the one between a woman and the boyfriend who couldn't forgive her betrayal. The choice to separate from what we love is painful. The only thing worse is when someone we've trusted makes the choice for us.

Temptation comes to all of us. Whether or not we succumb depends on our ability to recognize its disguise. Sometimes it arrives in the form of an old flame, flickering back to life. Or a new friend who could end up being so much more. Or a young child who awakens feelings we didn't know we had. And so we give in to temptation, all the while knowing come morning, we'll have to suffer the consequences.