Microsoft: No more limited version, just wait for new XBox


Clearly, Microsoft doesn't want to overcharge customers until the new Xbox hits the shelves, and just keep the money waiting for the new console.

According to foreign media reports, the Xbox has announced that "cyberpunk 2077" limited to 45,000 units, limited to the controller released today, selling price of $74.99, charging base of $49.99, hard disk is divided into two specifications of 2T and 5T, selling price of $89.99/149.99, headphones for $109.99.

In response, Microsoft said this would be the last limited edition console it will release before the new Xbox goes on sale, and it is now expected to release some new console information in May.

Foreign media have reported that both the PS5 and the new Xbox are expected to cost between $450 and $499, which means that the most expensive model will probably not exceed $4,000, which is much cheaper than expected.

Even if the price is cheaper than expected, SONY and Microsoft still don't have much confidence, as the outbreak has made the economic environment very bad this year and many people have lost their jobs, which has cut into entertainment spending.